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Transport facility is available for the school students. Parents who want to avail the bus facility should confirm the bus route from the school office. The bus route will not be changed.

             For a safe journey to school, the following rules are to be followed by the students:

1.    Traveling in the school bus is permitted only after the permission of the school authorities.

2.    The bus fare is subjected to change.

3.    The school does not take responsibility for any private transport.

4.    Advance information in written must be sent in case the child come in the bus to the school in the morning but does not intend to go back home by bus.

5.    Observe discipline in the bus.

6.    Do not run to the bus but walk in a queue.

7.    Do not jump on or off a moving bus, as it is dangerous.

8.    Do not stretch your head or hands out of the bus.

9.    The buses will not wait for late comers.

10.  The students violating the above rules will be punished.

11.  Parents/ Guardians are expected not to enter into any argument with the bus driver or the conductor.


      Note: Any problem/suggestion/comment regarding transport should be brought to the notice

       of the principal or transport in-charge in the school.