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House System & Co-Curricular Activities


     The School is divided into four houses in order to inculcate healthy competitive spirit among the students and ensure balanced growth of students physically, intellectually and spiritually. The four houses based on Flowers are:

1)    Rose House

2)    Daffodils House

3)    Jasmine House

4)    Tulip House

         Various Inter-House competitions are held viz. declamation, painting, debate, sports, paper reading, writing skill, dancing & singing etc.

         The school council is headed by the school captain to look after the various activities of the school. Each house remains on duty for a week. The house perfects perform different duties such as morning assembly, speeches, news reading, wall magazines and checking of uniforms. House meetings are held during activity period on Saturday.

         Every year, the Student Council takes pledge on Investiture Ceremony which is held in the second week of April.

         Parents should co-operate & encourage their wards to participate in the above mentioned activities which may be an individual or group activity. The Best House Trophy is awarded to the House which bags maximum marks. Houses perform weekly discipline duties, maintain cleanliness as per their duty rotation. This keeps the teachers and students alert and creative. Every House works hard to excel. This inculcates healthy competition amongst all. The House maintains their theme display boards to sensitize the students with various useful things.